We aim for a 48 hour turnaround after receipt of payment. As we are in initial stages please be kind and a little patient.

Subscribing will include the following:

  1. Graphics for a suitable Toxic Trespass Sign with instructions on how to have it printed on corflute, a link to low cost Vistaprint. The artwork slots in to Vistaprint sizing. A sign for your front gate.
  2. Toxic Trespass Letter/Notice to “Baiter” This letter is suitable to email and post to an individual neighbour, council or landcare after you receive notification of baiting. The letter places the baiter on notice that you oppose baiting and notifies of consequences if baiting proceeds. Can be sent to Councils if they are baiting, private pest control agencies and landcare if they propose baiting.
  3. Artwork for a brochure which you might want to send with your letter.
  4. Once payment is verified the Starter Pack will be return emailed with full instructions on both letter and sign and brochure. As letters are added, they will be emailed to you at the email address given on your subscription.


For updates or to support this action please Subscribe