1080 Toxic Trespass Legal Notice and Sign

Available  only from this site. A free Legal Action Toxic Trespass Notice of Objection and Artwork for a Toxic Chemical No Trespass Sign. The legal documents object to  1080 poison and  PAPP  or any other toxic poison on your property and give warning to nearby baiters.

The author of both Notice of Objection and No Toxic Trespass sign retains copyright and intellectual property rights  in  both the Legal Toxic Trespass Notice of Objection and Artwork for the  Toxic Trespass sign. Unauthorised publication of  either, for sale, and/or reproduced on facebook or social media without written permission is expressly prohibited.   Both documents are only available from this website and freely available to download for personal use only. 

Endorsement Interview with Jennifer Pirret of WA who lost marremas and goats until such time as she served a Toxic Trespass Notice and displayed a Toxic Trespass Sign. Baiting Ceased.

Toxic Trespass Notice  of Objection suitable to serve on  a contractor, Landcare, a group or neighbour who have placed you on notice of baiting to commence. It is important the Notice be served before baiting, but can also be served after baiting has started. It is imperative it be served before any loss or damages are incurred. If any loss occurs it is important to obtain a toxicology report.

Notice of Objection to Toxic Trespass. 

FINAL 16 6 2020 Toxic Trespass Notice of Objction

Download the letter and save to your computer, then fill in the fields and save again before printing.

Digital Artwork for  Chemical Trespass Sign

Toxic Trespass Sign 16 6 2020

Open the Link and save the sign to your computer.  If you use the following link, the artwork can be laid into the 305  X  457  corflute lawn sign. Lay  the artwork horizontally. Your artwork is then ready to be ordered. This sign should be displayed at your entrance gate. The wording addresses issues of objection to Toxic/Chemical 1080 Trespass and interference with your property.

Subscribers in Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales have reported that baiting did not proceed after serving the Notice of Objection to Toxic Trespass. The Legal Notice from this site is relevant to the Australian Jurisdiction only. The Legal Toxic Trespass Notice and Sign are available only from this site free of charge and must not be reproduced on facebook, on a website  or sold without permission. If you do so, you will be in breach of copyright laws and legal action may follow as a consequence of the breach.

If you run a business and potentially impacted by 1080 and need legal advice, please email 1080legalaction@gmail.com This letter does not encompass a possible claim for damages for loss of a business.

The documents available from this Site are Legal Documents and to achieve the best results should not be changed without consulting with us.  

The Article in the link below is about the loss of marrema guard dogs who were employed to protect herds. These beautiful marrema died in an inhumane and cruel way caused by ingesting  1080 along with thousands and thousands of other dogs, dingoes, and native wildlife in Australia. The marremas were living on the property to protect animals from invasive species, but were cruelly killed with 1080 poison.



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Legal Disclaimer: We do not guarantee if you serve a Legal Notice  of Objection to Toxic Trespass and Display a Toxic Trespass sign a baiter will not proceed. If they do, and you suffer loss and damage, as is stated in the Legal Notice you reserve your rights to sue for any loss and damage. This could also give rise to a Class Action if many people were involved.

Please be in touch if you wish to report a good outcome or have any questions.

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